Lunes, Hunyo 3, 2013

Medical Loan for Philippine Doctors - Veterinarian, Optometrist, Dentist, General Practitioner and Opthalmologist

Doctor's Loan in the Philippines
Medical loan in the Philippines has never been more active than this year, 2013.

All that is because of my efforts to make the application available online for the privacy of doctors and medical professionals in applying for the non-collateral loan in the Philippines.

It is my duty to provide good ways and more comfortable system with which people in need may be able to apply for a loan as a consultant.


If the purpose of the loan is for buying additional clinic or hospital equipment, the interest rate has been made very low at only 1.8% addon instead of the 2% regular rate.

Who Can Qualify?

Basically, as stated in the title of this article, the doctor's loan is available for all medical professionals with updated PRC license. They can be either a veterinarian, dentist, opthalmologist, general medicine practitioner and optometrist. This loan is available to all Metro Manila residents only. If you are a corporate working medical professional, this loan would enough to enable you to put up your own small clinic as an investment or if you already have one and just need to buy additional medical equipment, you can enjoy a much lower interest rate at only 1.8% as stated above.

Basic Requirements:

1. Completely filled up application form
2. Clear copy of the PRC ID (proof of renewal is required if expired ID is on hand)
3. Copy of latest bank statement - (CA/SA) for at least 2 months.
4. List of clients / patient's ledger
5. 3 pcs latest 2x2 picture
6. Photocopy of latest 2 valid IDs (government issued IDs works best)
7. Latest proof of billing (Only water bill or electric bill is allowed)
8. Documented source of income if don't have clinic or for corporate working medical doctor professionals.
9. Legitimate and working contact numbers.
10. Must be Filipino citizen

How Much a Doctor Can Avail for this Unsecured Cash Loan?

  1. General Practitioner - Up to Php 500k (interest rate is set at only 2%)
  2. Opthalmologist - (interest rate is set at only 2%)
  3. Optometrist - Up to Php 250k (interest rate is set at only 2.5%)
  4. Dentist - (interest rate is set at only 2.5%)
  5. Veterinarian -  (interest rate is set at only 2.5%)
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